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פארקי אופנים

סי פארק אשקלון 

New designs of our innovative tracks create a heaven for  surfers, skaters, and all level bikers. All combined in Ashkelon Sea Park, 2017

פארק אופניים הרצליה 

A Bike Park containing a Pumptrack and an adventurous skills -course in Herzliya Park, 2011

פארק אופנים פתח תקוה 

A neighborhood's bustling focal point, includes a small kid's Pumptrack, a large Pumptrack and a skills course at Refaeli st., Petah-Tikva  2018.

וויל פארק

A new concept in the skating scene:  a smooth colored surface with an exciting topographic shape, designed to suit rollerblades, bikes, scooters, skateboads, and even toddler trikes.

פארק אופנים

כפר שמריהו 


A Large and a small Pumptrack and a skills course combined in a communal Sports Center of a local council, in Kfar- Shmaryahu,  2017

פארקי אופנים נוספים  


More Bike Parks of various sizes and designes. Locations range from north to south, from large cities to small villages:

Haifa, Acco, Hadera, Netanya, Kfar Saba, Kiryat Malachi, Or Yehuda, Beer Sheva, Mizpe Ramon, Samar  and more.    

סרטון - פארק אופניים נתניה
Netanya Pumptrack

Netanya Pumptrack

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