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שביל ישראל לאופניים 


Lotan L&A have been a part of the Israel Bike Trail leading team  from it's begining and planned more than 600 km of it's bike trails.

2008 - present

שבילי אופניים פארק תמנע

One of the country's most beautiful bike rides:   Carefully layed out winding single and double  tracks which   reveal spectacular rock formations.

2019 - present   

שבילים וגשרים נחל ירקון 


Bridges and trails  on the Yarkon River: In 2014 the Yarkon River authority held a Bridge planning competition -Lotan L&A's   proposal of Pedestrian and bike bridges was selected. 

שבילים יער להב 

covers an area of more than 30,000 dunams. Lotan L&A planned a bicycle master plan of circular routes with different levels of difficulty which pass through the main forest sites.          2016 

שביל בחולות חולון


At one of the last open spaces of the country's central metropolin, a bike trail and a dune hike marked by signs which turn the walk into an enriching riddle game.


שבילים נוספים  

Bike trails,  pedestrian trails,  and scenic roads all over the country : 

Ramon, Shikma, Pura, Besor, Beer Sheva,  Dimona, Kana stream , Hadas stream, Hof Sharon  and more.

סרטון - שביל ישראל לאופנים

סרטון שביל ישראל לאופנים 

Desert Bike Air

לחץ להפעלה:

Desert BikeAir - mountain biking the Israel Bike Trail

Desert BikeAir - mountain biking the Israel Bike Trail

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